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Quikoad QuikLoad - computes or imports stakeout points in grid coordinates and transforms them into WGS84 geographic coordinates. QuikLoad provides several methods for the user to choose all or several stakeout points for upload to the rover data collector. Both raster and vector layers can be displayed in the background.
QuikView QuikView - downloads stakeout and surveyed coordinates from a data collector and transforms the latter from geographic to grid coordinates. Ellipsoid heights are converted to orthometric heights using a seamless link to any of several available geoid undulation models. Graphical point and click capabilities allows the user to display all relevant coordinate and quality control data for each point.
QuikCon QuikCon - QuikCon processes conventional survey data and is structured towards processing reciprocal surveys although radial and leap surveys are accommodated. QuikCon provides numerous visual ways of verifying raw observations and processed coordinates. Thirty raw conventional formats can be processed. A sunshot utility capable of Hour Angle and Altitude methods is included.
GPSQL GPSQL - accesses the .mdb database populated by the QuikLoad and QuikView programs and includes a point and click query building tool, a custom report builder, and DXF and SHP file creation tools. A seamless two-way link with QuikMap provides the user with the ability to map any of 100 queries. There is provision for import of numerous files (e. g. Excel, Dbase, generic and vibe ASCII, and MDB) as new tables to assist in other data management chores.