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Prices Licenses - Trimble Inc. owns all rights to and is the exclusive developer and distributor of the GPSeismic software package. Licenses are in the form of a permanently programmed security dongle or via network.

Existing licenses can be upgraded if they are no older than two versions. This means that only GPSeismic 2016 and 2017 licenses are currently eligible for upgrade. Version upgrades cost $1,000 US per license per version. For example, the cost to bring a version 2017 key to version 2018 is $1,000 US, while the cost to bring a version 2016 key to version 2018 is $2,000 US. Upgrading annually allows you to take advantage of unlimited technical support and free interim releases.

Update Quotations  Current Customers - Please send an email to Rudy Lambert  for all new key and update price quotations. Please provide your current address and phone information.
New Customers New Customers - To set up a new account please send a request along with all company particulars (address, telephone, contact name) to Rudy Lambert. For credit approval and terms send a credit application to credit@trimble.com.