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primary contacts:
Cliff Harris Cliff Harris - Cliff  cliffShell initially operated it's own fleet of seismic research vessels and Cliff managed all aspects of the navigation for these vessels. He later joined Shell Research working on projects involving the use of GPS for land seismic survey. began developing GPSeismic in 1993. He graduated from the Colorado School Of Mines with a B.S. in Geophysics and worked for Shell Offshore and Shell Research for 12 years before leaving to begin work as a company owner and software developer. He is a C++ programmer and the author of QuikLoad, QuikView, QuikMap, and QuikEdit.
Rudy Lambert Rudy Lambert - Before joining Cliff in 1994, Rudy rudyRudy worked for ONI which was the worlds first offshore surveying company. Starting with WWII Shoran equipment, ONI eventually manufactured and operated it's own atomic clock based spread spectrum navigation systems for offshore positioning tasks. was employed by Offshore Navigation Inc. where he served as Vice President of Applied Technology. He has a B.S. in Earth Science and an M.A. in Mathematics and Physics Teaching from the University Of New Orleans. He is a VB.Net and C# programmer and is the author of GPSQL, QuikCon, SNSLocator, GPMonitor, and Project Manager.
Andrew Beach Andrew Beach - Andrew  andrewAndrew's duties are varied and include training, support, documentation and software testing. has a BS in Natural Resource Management from Colorado State University with considerable emphasis in GIS. His background includes a teaching assistantship in which he taught ArcMap, and subsequent work with Trimble as a technical support representative for GNSS systems.
Russell Jurgensen Russell Jurgensen - Russell  RussellOne of the more fascinating projects for Russell was developing geographic/sonar software to enable an exploration team to image hull damage to the Titanic just below the ocean floor. is our newest team member but has provided contract programming services for us since 2008. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Walla Walla University in Washington State. He provides coordinate conversion programming expertise with a broad skill set in Android/Java, C/C++, and web services. He worked 11 years at Microstar Laboratories developing high-performance data acquisition solutions and 13 years developing coordinate conversion and scientific libraries as well as Android apps.