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  • Trimble Access Land Seismic 2.00
Trimble Access Land Seismic Version 2.00 Release Notes
1)  Multiple ESRI Polygon shape files can now be used at once for rendering and utilizing as
exclusion zones.
2) Faster SHP file processing
3) A Next OS option has been added for use with TPL files for offsetting. Previously, a Best
OS option was the only automated way to select an offset that falls outside of an exclusion zone.
Now, Next OS will appear next to Best OS once the Best OS option has been used to allow the
user to cycle through the list of offset options that do not fall inside a zone if the Best OS option
 is not suitable.
4) Key In Seismic Grid Points now allows for users to key in points with a track and/or bin that
 fall outside of the grid definition file
5) Minor bug fixes