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  • Trimble Access Land Seismic 1.90
Trimble Access Land Seismic Version 1.90 Release Notes
New features
1) ESRI Polygon shape files are now the standard format for rendering and utilizing exclusion zones. 
The GPSeismic XZO file format has been removed from Trimble Access Land Seismic and GPSeismic
(The XZO format was removed from GPSeismic in May of 2015 in favor of ESRI polygon shape files).
2) Any DBF field can now be selected for use in labeling.
3) When creating exclusion zones in the field, a polygon shape file is now written to the users folder and
referred to as 'CreatedInField.shp'. Accompanied is the DBF field structure:
     - Job Name
     - Date & Time
     - Attribute (as defined by the operator at the time of creation)
4) Point increment of -0 during stakeout - This supplements the existing functionality in the seismic point
stakeout page. Where a Point increment of 0 sequences through the points from top to bottom in a linked
CSV file. The new -0 option would sequence in reverse order (from bottom to top). For example, if a CSV
file is ordered as: 101, 103, 102, 104 and the current point is 102, a point increment of 0 would sequence
as 102, 104. The new point increment of -0 would sequence as 102, 103, 101.
5) There are two new options in the select exclusion zone page
Delete field created exclusion zone file - To delete all newly created exclusion zones. Please note
that once exclusion zones are deleted they cannot be restored.
Field display colour - To select a color for rendering all field created exclusion zones.
Resolved issues
Due to several requests, the perpendicular reference azimuth option has been reinstated.