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  • GPSeismic Version 2019.0

GPSeismic Version 2019.0

1) Datum shift files with the extension ".GSB" are typically constructed so as to provide shift values with a standard sign convention. However, some files have recently been developed that provide shift values opposite from this standard sign convention. The Australian GDA94_GDA2020_conformal.gsb file is one of these.  When defining and adding a GDA94-to-GDA2020 or similar datum  to the geodetic database using the Geodetic Utilities,  you will now have to check a box that indicates to reverse the signs.
2) Fixed a problem in Geodetic Settings CAL file import when projection name contained preceding spaces.
1) There is a new Group Traverse mechanism available when you lasso points. This item, called ‘Group Traverse (Click)’ moves all points to a location clicked on by the user. Once the lasso polygon has been closed, the user will have 5 seconds to click on the location to move the points. More precisely, the points retain their relative locations to each other and the point's centroid is moved to the clicked point. If a grid definition file is opened, following the click, the user is prompted for whether to move all points to the nearest bin centers.
Requested by Terrace Sutherland.
2) The Elevation Utility has been modified to fit within Trimble’s new elevation web services. The user will notice no fundamental change in how the utility is used. However, the files that will be the result of ordering the elevation data has changed somewhat. Assuming you called your job order, ‘MyElevations’, two file will be downloaded: 1) ‘MyElevations.tif’ and 2) ‘MyElevations.json’. The utility will prompt you for converting the TIF (which is a raster DEM in WGS84 datum) to a DEM in GRD format in your local system. The JSON file can be opened in a text editor and will provide information on the source of the elevation data (such as SRTM or NED).
3) Modified the mouse wheel zoom in/out to center on the cursor. Previously, the view center was not changed (no pan) when using the mouse wheel to zoom. 
Requested by Terrace Sutherland.
4) The Imagery Utility has been removed. This was due mainly to the low usage numbers versus the programming overhead of maintaining it.
1) Completely re-wrote the utility to import SQLite tables (with mapping). This utility is still located in the Import Menu but can now be used to not only import a table from a different database, but can also be used to copy from table to table in the same database. Up to 5 import schemas can be saved and quickly retrieved.
2) Fixed a problem with getting a count for UNION queries.
Spotted by Balint Komolai with AGS.
3) There are two tidal correction utilities which are now available to all users. One is a dialog for importing tidal corrections and placing them is a table. The other looks at the time of each point in the POSTPLOT table and computes an interpolated tidal correction for that point. Please see the help file for details.