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  • GPSeismic Version 2018.1
GPSeismic Version 2018.1 Release Notes
1) Since local coordinate systems are regularly used in construction sites, added
an option in Geodetic Utilities called, “Import CAL file” that prompts for CAL file, adds
a 'Local_System' group and adds the coordinate system derived from the CAL file
to the group.
1) Added Machine Guidance Utility. This utility allows you to create or modify a pad database.
2) Added Site Assist utility. This utility allows user to create Site Assist database, manage
shape files and define vehicle footprint.
1) The Excel import of Specific ASCII now supports local grid coordinates. The user
defines the columns for Station, local easting, local northing local height, a user
defined descriptor, and two codes describing accuracy. The latter is placed in the
Comment field.
1) Modified the ASCII Import utility to include date/time support.
Requested by Michael Schlautmann of DMT.
2) Added ability to convert a field's type. This is limited to being able to convert integers, longs
and floats to double, or any value type to text.