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  • GPSeismic Version 2017.1
GPSeismic Version 2017.1 Release Notes
1) A new application as been  added called SnsLocator.  This application
is a fleet tracking application which can track up to 100 vehicles. Data
input  includes SNS tracking messages  and six  serial  protocols on two
possible  serial comm  ports.  Provision is made  for generating  alerts
when user defined conditions involving the vehicles exist. These involve
horizontal  and  vertical precision,  number of  satellites, DOP,  pitch
and  roll, and speed.  Exclusion,  inclusion and  proximity  alarms  can
also be generated.  SNS  support includes remote control,  chat,  target
assignment, point increment assignment, log retrieval and file transfer.
2) Added Irish  Grid  Polynomial  transformation to GPSeismic.  This new
transformation  is  selected by choosing the 'IRELAND'  group which will
then automatically select the 'IRISH_GRID' system and 'IRISH-POLYNOMIAL'
datum.  This new  selection is available in new installations of 2017.1.
For users upgrading, you will need to download and replace your existing
geodesy.sqlite geodetic database. The new geodetic database is available
3) Added ability to save and retrieve Garmin IMG utility settings.
1) In the SNS Map table  spreadsheet, the  SNS audible alarm options now 
include  speaker,  Sonalert and  speaker/Sonalert.  The general  utility
configuration now allows the user to select alternate colors  for points
and set a UI password.
2) Added SiTRACK attribute editor to the SNS menu.  The attribute editor
is for managing the five distinct SiTrack polygon shape files.
3) Fixed problem in bingo card helper when retrieving existing  negative
value picks.
1) Added defensive  code for situation where  job file  has  no surveyed
points and the user has elected to use a  preplot QLD file  exclusively.
1)In the Add Field dialog, changed data type in dropdown to match SQLite
types and added descriptions for each type.
Suggested by Michael Schlautmann of DMT.
2) Added SNS Log file batch import capabilities.
3) Restructure UI so that SNS related items resided in their own menu.